Interview : Alain Servais

Alain Servais photographed by Selina Ting, Venice, 2009.

Alain Servais photographed by ©Selina Ting, Venice, 2009.


A personal friend, Alain inspired me to start an online platform in English for my writings. His conviction in new technology and his appreciation for my writings motivated me to launch the online magazine. Today, Alain is one of the most enthusiastic supporters of InitiArt Magazine, his advices and ideas help me to keep on improving this online platform. A big “thank you” to Alain.

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Meeting Alain Servais
[24 Feb 2011, Brusses]

The first time when I met Alain, I overheard a comment on this elegant, good-mannered gentleman. “Provocative”, someone said. Is he?

Most of the time Alain looks calm and controlled, as if everything in the world is measured according to his vision. He has the power to make you believe that if the world turns upside down in front of you, he can put it back to its position. Yet, he is also the one who’s constantly rocking your boat. He wants challenges, and he challenges everyone he cares. A car ride with him becomes the most enjoyable thing to do. You would immediately find yourself racing in a Formula 1, testing your limit with a perfect driver.  

Alain is “the most hardworking collector”, as I used to call him. Avid of information and knowledge, he’s digesting large quantity of newspaper articles and browsing different websites. For the last 2.5 years, I have been receiving his newsletter on a daily basis. Yet, he has a very ambiguous attitude towards the media – generous and skeptical at the same time.

Alain’s contradictory personality is even more explicit in his collecting activity. As he analyzed during the interview, we have to embrace our intellectual aspirations but also acknowledge the perpetual confrontation with our own bestial instinct. It’s only by acknowledging its presence that we learn to handle and perhaps sublimate it.

A nutella monster, you will see him very soon in the Book of Genesis.


Selina Ting
29 March 2011, Paris

Speical thanks to Alain for the warm hospitality during my stays in Brussels.