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Sep 10, 2011 - Oct 29, 2011
Opening reception:
Sep 10, 2011

WALEAD BESHTY, TBD: Black and White Fold (WB08.305), 2008, b & w photograph, 178 x 102 cm

WALEAD BESHTY, TBD: Black and White Fold (WB08.305), 2008, b & w photograph, 178 x 102 cm

Galerie Rodolphe Janssen is pleased to announce the exhibition Diapositives by Walead Beshty (1976 London, lives and works in Los Angeles). This exhibition will be the second solo show of the artist at the gallery and will present his latest works.

Since 2006, Walead Beshty has produced a series of photographic works by exposing undeveloped negatives to the X-rays of security scanners at airports. These Transparencies are made by placing large format negatives (4x5) in light-tight boxes which are themselves placed in checked-in baggage. Once the negatives have passed the X-ray machines, they are developed, scanned and printed on photographic paper. The results of this process are random and unpredictable : saturated colour fields traversed by pale light rays or, in contrast, dark shadows.

The work of Walead Beshty is both an on-going exploration and a recreation of the photographic medium. With his Travel Pictures, Beshty has shifted his work from pure photography to a more materialist analysis of the production conditions of the work. It is by emptying his photographs of any pictorial content that Beshty blurs the distinction between the photograph as an image and the photograph as an object. His Transparencies are images but images that represent only their own material existence and the process of their creation, thereby breaking down the barrier between the photograph itself and its material support. Consequently, the photograph must no longer be understood as an image of the world but as an object in the world.

The Copper Surrogates are polished copper plates that, having temporarily replaced the desks usually located in an art gallery, bear the wear-related marks of everyday gallery activities. Here, it is the reception of the work that matters. The work is created by its receptors. By handling, using, touching it, the members of the gallery will transform the table into a work of art.

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